Battle at Narcoossee Mill

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The Battle at Narcoossee Mill is an event that you don’t want to miss!

The Battle of Narcoossee Mill is held at the breathtaking Chisholm Park, between Narcoossee and St. Cloud along the shores of East Lake Tohopekaliga.

This civil war reenactment takes place on the fourth weekend in March every year.

First, my family visited The Battle of Narcoossee Mill on a homeschool field trip on education day. Then we returned two days later to experience the battle reenactment. Both the education day and reenactment were awesome events that I highly recommend. I will share our experience at the reenactment first, followed by the fun we had at education day.

Battle at Narcoossee Mill Reenactment

The Battle at Narcoossee Mill is the first reenactment that my family has ever attended and it will certainly not be our last. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. The volunteers put on an amazing show that we are still talking about!

The event opens at 9:30 and the reenactment takes place at 2:00. There is food, entertainment, shopping, and educational stations set up for guests to enjoy.

Since we attended education day two days prior, we arrived at 1:00 and were able to find great seats in the bleachers. Heads up, the BBQ was sold out after the reenactment so if you are hungry, get it while you can!

During the reenactment a speaker explains what is taking place on the battlefield. If you have a child who is sensitive to sound I recommend headphones, we love these.

The reenactment is full of activity covering the battlefield so make sure to look all around. This event captivated my family as they battled in front of us!

The reenactment totally blew us away, it was action packed!

At times the battle is out in the fields and then it appears right in front of you!

Battle at Narcoossee Mill

Wounded Soldiers

After the battle has ended guests are invited to visit the wounded soldiers camp.

The volunteers acted this our wonderfully.

I truly think that my kids would have stayed and watched the wounded soldiers for hours if I had let them. They were in awe.

Finally, I was able to pull them away from the soldiers after one last glimpse.

Of course we stayed a bit longer to play on the beautiful and fun playground.

Fishing was a must as well.

The Battle at Narcoossee Mill Education Day.

Education Day at Battle of Narcoossee Mill is filled with wonderful presentations and hands-on experiences. On education day you can:

  • See and hear 1860’s infantry, cavalry, and artillery
  • See the tools and techniques of doctors and nurses during the Civil War
  • Experience what life was like in the 1800’s
  • Hear Stories told by descendants of actual Civil War veterans
  • Learn the forgotten history of The War Between the States

Upon arrival our group visited the stations that were set up around the park. Groups rotated stations about every 20 minutes. The following are a few stations that we visited, all of the stations are not included in this post.

The first station we visited was hosted by a Union soldier. He explained how a soldier camped and traveled, complete with the items he would carry with him.

Battle at Narcoossee Mill:  Education Day

The host at the following station was from Florida. He held our interest as he explained the many uses of his weapon. He even provided a demonstration on how he uses it on the battlefield!

Battle at Narcoossee Mill:  Education Day

The canon fires every twenty minutes alerting groups to rotate stations. Our group was excited when we got to visit the canon station and witness the canon firing!

Battle at Narcoossee Mill:  Education Day

The Cow Calvary, or Cow Hunters, shared their knowledge about this time period in Florida. The hunters taught us the importance of cows during this time. They also showed our group different saddles and demonstrated many different types of whips that they used.

Battle at Narcoossee Mill:  Education Day

Our final station explained the different symbols that would help slaves navigate the underground railroad while escaping the south. My kids really enjoyed this station and even made up their own symbols at home later in the evening.

Battle at Narcoossee Mill:  Education Day

There were many stations that I didn’t share here but they were all wonderful as well!

The Battle at Narcossee Mill is a wonderful event that I highly recommend. We cannot wait until next year to visit again!

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