Orlando Fire Museum

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I am so happy that we discovered the Orlando Fire Museum.   This museum is a wonderful place to learn about the history of firehouses and firefighting tools.  Inside you will find an abundance of artifacts and knowledgable guides that facilitate a wonderful learning experience!

The Orlando Fire Museum is full of historical photos and artifacts.  Guided tours are available and are very informative.  Self-guided tours are also an option if you would rather walk through at your own pace.  We visited for about an hour and plan to go back as there is much that we haven’t discovered.

Orlando Fire Museum

Orlando Fire Museum

The Orlando Fire Museum is a two-story, red brick firehouse that was originally located a few blocks away from 1926 – 1978.  After the development of Interstate 4 the original location became less functional causing a new firehouse to be built.  Next, the original station closed and fell into disrepair.  Finally, the Science Center in cooperation with the Central Florida Fire Chief’s Association, moved and restored the firehouse creating the Orlando Fire Museum.

Fun fact!  The Orlando Science Center moved the old station to Loch Haven Park in two pieces.  When the firehouse was reassembled a small mistake was made:  the garages were situated facing the courtyard, not the street.  Oops!

You can read more about the history of the firehouse here.

Location & Hours of Operation

This museum is located in the heart of Orlando next to the Orlando Science Center.  When visiting the Science Center, Orlando Rep, or Shakespeare Theater it is easy to walk over and visit the Orlando Fire Museum.

The museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 – 4:00.  Admission is free, donations are welcome.

Guided Tour

We were pleasantly surprised when we were offered a guided tour.  Two guides led us throughout the firehouse.  They were so full of knowledge and very enthusiastic when sharing with us.  Both were retired firemen and we truly enjoyed hearing their stories.

The tour included viewing and learning about many different fire trucks that have been used in the United Sates over the course of a century.

This truck was pulled by horses, the water pump was steam-powered.

Orlando Fire Museum

The handcrafted detail on the carriages is beautiful.  Ava enjoyed the thought of horses pulling the carriages!

Orlando Fire Museum

Check out the wooden rims!

Orlando Fire Museum

There are several different trucks to see in the museum as well as photos lining all of the walls.

Hands On Learning

Kids are welcome to touch in this museum!  Ava and Audrey were thrilled to hop up and pretend to drive the fire truck.  Alex was encouraged to ring the bell!

Orlando Fire Museum

This may have been one of our favorite parts of the tour.

Before homes and apartments had telephones there were fire alarms on posts throughout the city.  When a fire broke out a person would run to the pole and pull the alarm, Alex got to do this!

Orlando Fire Museum

First, an alarm goes off notifying the fire house about the emergency.  Next, this machine alerts the firehouse where they are needed by producing a code.  The code is punched out on a piece of paper.  Today’s code was: 4 holes, space, 1 hole, space, then 3 holes.  The code is repeated three times.

Orlando Fire Museum

Once the code, 413, has been delivered the location is discovered using this poster.  Today’s location is Rollins & Bedford.

This was such a fun learning experience for us!

My kids enjoyed more hands on learning when they were given the opportunity to crank the siren!

Explore Some More

Throughout the museum there are artifacts to check out.  Alex was very interested in all of the old fire extinguishers.  Our guides were more than happy to explain to him how each extinguisher worked.

Orlando Fire Museum

Ava wants a horseless carriage tag for our van!

After the tour, they each received a fire hat, postcard, and coloring book.  Honestly, this museum surpassed my expectations.  We will certainly visit again!

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