Showcase of Citrus

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Showcase of Citrus is a wonderful place to visit and offers many activities to choose from.  Due to the many options you can easily spend an hour or an entire day visiting the farm!   There is something for everyone at Showcase of Citrus.  Activities range from monster truck rides, picking citrus, gem mining, wine tasting, and more.

Showcase of Florida

Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus is a privately owned 2,500 acre working citrus and cattle ranch. During season (November to May) fresh citrus is available for picking.  You do NOT want to miss the 4 x 4 monster truck tour through the farm.  Children can play on the playground as well as mine for gems.  Wine, beer, and mimosas are available for adults.  Don’t forget to stop by the country store before leaving to sample and stock up on local goodies.

Check out this awesome video about Showcase of Citrus:

Showcase of Citrus is located in Clermont, only 15 minutes from Disney.

Still curious?  Keep scrolling to take a peek at our Showcase of Citrus adventure below!

4 x 4 Monster Truck Tour

The 4 x 4 monster truck tour is a must.  Seriously!

Showcase of Citrus

The tour guides have amazing personalities and are happy to share their knowledge and humor.  While looking for alligators our guide informed us that they can climb trees. He encouraged us to google it, we did and I encourage you to do the same!

The orange groves go on and on so you can see there are plenty of oranges for picking!

Showcase of Citrus

We were all able to throw oranges to the cows and the cows loved them!

This zebra keeps the water buffalo in line and helps to protect them.  We learned that mozzarella cheese is traditionally made with water buffalo milk – another fun fact from our guide.  Who knew?!?

Showcase of Citrus

There is always cuddle time as well!

It was so fun when the monster truck went into the water!  The ride really is quite an experience.

The 4 x 4 monster truck ride is really fun so I really recommend not missing this adventure when you visit Showcase of Citrus.

U-Pick Citrus

Visitors are able to pick their own citrus from the grove that homes more than 50 varieties of citrus or you can purchase pre-picked fruit.

Gem Mining

It was too cold on our visit so we skipped the gem mining but we will certainly participate in this fun activity the next time we visit.

Farm Animals

Kids and adults will have fun visiting and feeding the farm animals!

Shopping (& Sampling)

Showcase of Citrus offers so many varieties of honey, we enjoyed tasting them all.  Jams, jellies, hot sauces, and  more are offered in the store.  This is a great spot to purchase one-of-a kind gifts for friends.

Photo Opportunities!

There are so many fun photo opportunities all over the farm.  These are a few of ours….




Showcase of Citrus is a wonderful place to visit.  I am hoping the weather is a bit warmer on our next visit so we can stay and explore all day!

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